For the ultimate in convenience when arriving at or leaving your home, garage door remotes are an essential.

Goldfields Garage Door - Remote Controls

For the ultimate in convenience when arriving at or leaving your home, garage door remotes are essential. And if you’re looking for the best garage remote controls in the business, then look no further. At Goldfields Garage Doors, we supply and install genuine B&D door remotes to complement your garage perfectly.

Featuring Tri-Tran+ remote control technology, you can expect advanced security and protection from code-grabbing devices. Not only that, the remote devices are incredibly reliable and offer an excellent operating range, with virtually no interference from other wireless devices.

Reliable Remotes for Added Convenience

From portable, lightweight transmitters that are ideal for your car keyring to wall-mounted garage door remote controls, we stock the complete B&D range. See below for our remote door controls, or contact us today for tailored advice.

Our Remote Controls Range

Tri-Tran Remote Control (TB5)

A lightweight, four-button transmitter with advanced encryption technology you can rely on.

Tri-Tran+ Premium Remote (TB6)

B&D’s premium garage door remote control features security technology to protect against code-grabbing devices. It has the capability to control additional devices too, including garage lights.

Wall Mount Remote Control

A stylish option to mount on the inside wall of your garage, with all the convenience of remote operation.

Wall Mount with Extra Large Buttons

Large remote control buttons make opening and closing your garage door easier than ever. As a wireless device, this is incredibly easy to DIY install.

Entry Keypad

Access your garage without the need for a remote transmitter, with an entry keypad. These are ideal for families as young members can enter the house with PIN access. Just think: no more lost or forgotten keys and remote controls!

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